Import equations into Keynote

This page explains how to write and import equations into Keynote.

Many PDF previewers support Drag&Drop or Copy&Paste feature.


LaTeXiT is the most convieniant program to write and import equations into KeyNote. LaTeXiT is a graphic interface for LaTeX.

LaTeXiT is included in the distribution of MacTeX.

This works fine!

Other applications

For years, I use only LaTeXiT to write equations in KeyNote. So, the following informations may old.


Witten by Richard Koch, Dirk Olmes with contributions by Mitsuhiro Shishikura, Seiji Zenitani, Isao Sonobe and Many Others.

To get and install TeXShop, visit

To do this, we have two methods.
The first method is to use TeXShop as a TeX editor and previewer:
  1. Typeset whole document which includes equations using TeXShop, as you usually do so for writing manuscript. For example
  2. In the preview window of TeXShop, choose ``selection tool'' in the tool bar.
  3. Set magnification (Scale) as you like.
  4. Then, select equation, drag&Drop the selected equation to the Keynote window.
If you already have a PDF file, you can Drag&Drop the PDF file to the TeXShop icon to open the PDF file.
You can Drag&Drop PS file to TeXShop icon to make PDF file.

I'm using TeXShop to write manuscripts. So, this method is very convenient to me. Just open the manuscript by TeXShop, set the magnification, then repeat Select&Drag&Drop.

The second method is to use TeXShop Macro written by Seiji Zenitani:

  1. Visit (This page is written in Japanese), and follow the instractions there in.
  2. Then, select the TeX command which describes an equation, then hit pre-defined key combination to get the equation in TeXShop's preview window.
  3. In the preview window, hit command+A (Select All), then Drag&Drop or Copy&Paste to the Keynote window.
In this method, it would be convenient to pre-set the magnification scale. You can set this paremeter in the preference window.

Preview application

If you already have PDF or PS file of equations, you can use Preview application which is bundled in OSX. To do this,
  1. Drag&Drop the PDF or PS file to the Preview app's icon.
  2. Choose the ``Selection Tool'' in the tool bar of the Preview app.

  3. Select equation, then Copy&Paste to the Keynote window.